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The effects of noise pollution

Whilst hearing and listening is part of everyday life, it’s a bit different for those that suffer from constant loud sounds and noises.

Day to day life hears the sounds of conversation, cars going by and television, but what about those that live nearby industrial or construction work? Or those that live right next to a busy main road, or under a flight path?

Excessive noise and noise pollution can seriously impact our health in a number of ways, both mentally and physically. We look into the effects of overexposure to loud sounds, whether it is because of a career choice or living arrangements.

Hearing loss

One of the most obvious consequences of the constant presence of loud noises is hearing loss. The noise-induced hearing loss doesn’t happen straight away; it happens slowly, over time, and with no evident pain or symptoms.

Loud sounds damage your inner ears, whether temporarily and permanently, and sometimes in ways that can’t be repaired. This is why you should be aware of the dangers of loud noises and be careful with everything, from the music you’re listening to through your headphones right through to wearing the correct ear safety equipment where necessary.


Sometimes you might notice that straight after exposure to loud noise, you hear a slight ringing and may struggle to hear people properly. If this level of exposure isn’t a frequent thing, these symptoms will disappear after a few hours or days.

This ringing is known as tinnitus; another hearing problem that is a result of loud sounds. Long-term exposure to loud music or sounds can cause permanent damage to your ears, including the permanent ringing that no one else can hear.

As you can imagine, tinnitus causes great irritation to those that suffer with it. It reduces and, sometimes, completely stops the sounds that you can hear. Common sufferers of tinnitus include people who have some of the noisiest jobs in the world.

Cardiovascular problems

Excessive noise doesn’t just impact your hearing; it can also have an effect on your heart too. Linked to an increase in the number of coronary artery diseases, overexposure to loud noises can result in high blood pressure and stress. This is why it’s so important to have time to relax, and enjoy moments of peace and quiet whenever you can.

Sleep disturbances

If you live in a place where loud noises can be heard throughout the day and night, it’s likely that you will suffer from sleep disturbances or sleep disorders.

For example, if you live by an airport, you will hear the sound of planes taking off and landing frequently; a noise that can be incredibly loud, and certainly a noise that can keep you from sleeping or wake you up.

A proper night’s sleep is made up of different stages, where the depth of sleep varies. Constant noise will affect your ability to go into a deep slumber, which is so essential to our health and wellbeing, in both physical and mental terms.

Not only does lack of sleep make you feel tired and without energy, it’s also linked to a number of other health issues, including the aforementioned heart and blood pressure problems.

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