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The 5 best films to test out your soundproof room


If you are thinking of turning one of your rooms into a home-cinema then it is worth considering the importance of soundproofing. We have all had those nights when you have to keep turning the volume down when the loud parts come on. Annoying, I know. Whether it’s for the neighbours or someone upstairs, you can’t truly immerse yourself in the film unless you have the sound on its optimum setting. Soundproofing a room in your home means you can finally enjoy your film without having to worry about the noise. No more nights with popcorn in one hand and the remote in the other.

With the huge rise of streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime more and more people are now staying in to watch a film. As cinema prices have never been so high, it makes perfect sense why so many of us are preferring to stay at home. It’s easy, cheaper and you haven’t got to put up with annoyingly loud eaters. Although TV’S will never compare to the grand size of a cinema screen, home speakers are starting to. Surround sound speakers and Soundbars are now much more affordable and can deliver cinema-like sound at home. With bass and volume settings that will rattle your walls, modern speakers really give you that cinema experience.

Sound is something we can take for granted, not knowing how much it actually affects the movie. Trying to watch a film where the sound is slightly out of sync or tinny, is one of the most irritating things on the planet, it can drive you mad!

So, if you are going to take advantage of soundproofing then here are some of the best films to turn up and really enjoy.




1. Saving Private Ryan

From the genius mind of Alfred Hitchcock comes this seminal film centred around Norman Bates and his strange relationship with his mother. A character who, at the start, seems both charming and polite but in true Hitchcock fashion this, of course, develops into something more sinister. The use of sound in this film to build unbearable suspense is breathtaking. What really makes this film stand out above all others is how it utilises brutal and ultra-realistic sound effects in its graphic scenes. By using sound to actually replace shots of the action the viewer is left to both hear and imagine the horror. Hitchcock understood perfectly the power that sound has oversight and this has never been more evident than in this iconic film.


2. Saving Private Ryan

Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan is one of, if not the most, iconic and influential war film ever made. Being quoted of saying he did not want this “to sound Hollywood”, Spielberg went for gritty realism to really involve the audience. The famous D-Day Landing scene is the perfect example of how sound can be used to give you a real sense of actually being there. The bullets that fly past you, the explosions in the foreground to even the waves crashing around you are all there to put you in the middle of the action. When an explosion is close to the screen the sound rings as it would have for the soldiers. When the men drop below into the water the sound then does the same thing. All these little touches come together perfectly and give you a truly immersive film experience.



3. Harry Potter

We have mainly talked about sound effects within films but the main reason why Harry Potter is on this list is for the extraordinary music created for each title. The beautiful score known as Hedwigs Theme, which is used for the opening credits, was composed by the famous John Williams who also composed music for Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Schindlers List. The piece created for Harry Potter has the power to give anyone, of any age, goosebumps all over. Not just the theme music but throughout the whole film the music invokes all emotions; excitement, mystery, suspense and heartbreaking sorrow.


4. Les Misérables

Les Misérables is a must watch film thanks to the incredible songs and music performed within the film. Adapted from stage to screen perfectly by Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper, this musical has everything you could possibly want. Boasting deep, rich sounding songs that seem to echo through the walls, mighty sound effects and a dramatic score, all combine to leave you thrilled and wanting more. In order to for the film to feel more like an authentic play the actors sang live during filming with an actual orchestra on set. When hearing these songs performed for the first time you will be blown away by the emotion and power they bring. It truly is a musical that has to be fully experienced.


5. Star Wars original 1970’s trilogy

It is impossible to pick a film out of the original 1970’s Star Wars trilogy to use for this list as they all have incredible soundtracks and sound effects ranging from the destructive to the delightful. For starters, the astonishing score created for Star Wars was composed by John Williams and has such power that the instant you hear it you are completely blown away. As soon as it hits your ears it ignites an excitement within you that carriers throughout all the films. The way in which the sound effects were created for these films was both unique and original. By recording real things and layering them together, Star Wars was able to achieve a believable science fiction sound. One of which that has never been matched since.



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