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Under Floor Hanger System

This solution is both effective at reducing airborne and impact sound however it is important to be aware this solution is best suited for old Victorian buildings. There are various flooring sound solutions that have the same effect but are more suitable for newer period buildings such as the Acoustic Mineral Wool and Triple Barrier Mat solution.

The reason why this underfloor soundproofing service is most suitable for older Victorian buildings is that many individuals want to keep the original flooring. To install this solution the original floorboards are carefully lifted to expose the floor joist supports. Mineral wool is then friction fitted between the floor joist supports. Once the Rockwool has been installed a shock-absorbing acoustic hanger is then installed over the joists followed by the original floorboards then being fitted directly into the hanger flanges. A 19mm acoustic planc is installed on hanger flanges and edges sealed with acoustic mastic to aid in airborne noise reduction.


Underfloor Hanger


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Under Floor Hanger +/-8mm or
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*This is an estimated reduction. The result will depend on the existing structure.

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