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Resilient Bar Ceiling Soundproofing- 3.5cm

Resilient Bars Ceiling

A breakdown of resilient bars used in soundproofing.

Airborne and Impacts Noises – Why you might need resilient bars

If you live in a small flat or house, ceiling height could be a real problem when soundproofing, which is why resilient bars are such a popular product of ours. For rooms with low roofs, the resilient bar decouples the new ceiling from the joist, so sound gets absorbed as it travels through the flange of the bar which is built to absorb vibrations. The suspended ceiling provides ample sound insulation, all whilst maintaining the existing ceiling and reducing any space lost. 

As this results in decoupling them, the new wall or ceiling will be separated from the surface that is vibrating, which is what causes the problem of both airborne noise, impact noise, loud music and more. By decoupling, the noise that travels and penetrates your ceiling system should be severely reduced thanks to the resilient bars, which are fixed perpendicular to the direction of the joists. This system also utilises acoustic sealant and mineral wool between exposed joists and the two separate layers of acoustic plasterboard,  which catches any vibrations before they slip through gaps or cracks.

Who else could benefit from resilient bars?

The benefits of soundproofing are applicable to almost any environment; from the gentle calm of a home, to the hustle and bustle of a professional office. We, and any other reputable soundproofing company, would strongly recommend resilient bars to any customer that has the budget for them, as they can significantly improve your soundproofing efforts. Due to their innovative design and capabilities to offer sound insulation without heavily impacting existing ceilings, resilient bars are considered a soundproofing industry favourite, one that we are more than capable of installing at an expert level.   

Resilient bars offer an exceptional level of sound insulation performance, providing high-density acoustic insulation with the first layer of sound planks and working in partnership with both joists and acoustic sealant between the second layers of plasterboard. Thanks to their incredible soundproofing capabilities and the versatility that they offer for sound insulation, resilient bars can be installed in both domestic and commercial environments and yield brilliant soundproofing results, no matter how intrusive airborne noise or loud music may be.

You’re interested in resilient bars – now what?

Resilient bars serve as incredibly effective soundproofing solutions for both commercial purposes and domestic, especially within apartments, so the prospect of utilising them as a suspended ceiling-based soundproofing solution will surely have its appeal. Here at NNM Soundproofing, we aim to make sound insulation as simple as possible, so if this is something you’re interested in then, as one of London’s leading soundproof experts, we will be more than happy to discuss your soundproofing needs with you.

We stock and install some of the country’s highest quality resilient bars for both domestic soundproofing and commercial soundproofing clients, utilising acoustic plasterboard, acoustic sealant and sound insulation panels in collaboration with effective joists, drywall and studwork all whilst providing exceptional sound insulation. Our experience is matched only by our professionalism, so feel free to contact us, where we can discuss many things such as:

  • Whether certain products are in stock
  • Any advice for sound insulation or soundproofing in general
  • Which materials, such as concrete, metal and timber joists, are effective for soundproofing
  • Technical questions regarding acoustics and drywall
  • What goes into cost-effective suspended ceilings, such as decoupling, timber studs and mineral wool
  • What accessories we would recommend to make soundproofing installation easier
  • Installation guides for ceiling systems that adheres to building regulations
  • Which soundproofing solutions will aid acoustic performance
  • …and much more!

Most importantly, we’d also be happy to provide FREE quotes for everything resilient bars and soundproofing!

Resilient Bar System 36mm or
(ceiling removed)
15db 17db

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