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Is your peace being invaded by neighbours’ conversations, footsteps, tv sounds or loud music?

Concerns with Heathrow’s expansion and the increase in plane noise?

Then you came to the right company for your soundproofing solutions.

NNM Soundproofing Ltd are professional installers of soundproofing in London, in both domestic environments and office space. Our soundproofing solutions can neutralise everything from bass noise & airborne noises to loud music & tv sounds, offering sound insulation, wall soundproofing and an array of other easy solutions to reduce any loud noise levels coming from next door, outside or even within the home itself.

By offering a variety of different soundproofing solutions, you can decide which approach works best for you, focusing on the effectiveness of lowering noise levels, ensuring a minimum loss of room space or working towards installing soundproofing insulation for sound reduction from specific sources.

The NNM Soundproofing Difference

  • Advice and Quotations are FREE!!  (Subject to Catchment Zone)
  • Prices starting from as little as £60 per square meter for labour, material and VAT
  • Professional and reliable service in all aspects of soundproofing
  • NNM is one of only a few domestic soundproofing companies in the UK and the only one in London that is a member of The Guild of Master Craftsman
  • 100% Pass rate for all Building Regulation Part E installations
  • Soundproofing solutions that tackle all levels of loud noises
  • We specialise in soundproofing and stick to soundproofing, we do not dabble in other trades
  • We never finish late. For every day we are late due to delays by us, the customer will receive 5% discount
  • We are fully insured and are happy to provide insurance documents upon request.


What does soundproofing typically cost?
We charge per square meter, to keep our costs as low as possible from the outset. Many of our customers choose to stage their soundproofing room by room, ranging from utilising high-density acoustic sealant and wall panels to installing soundproofing walls, to ensure our soundproofing solutions provide them with satisfaction. Whatever your sound insulation choice is, we endeavour to make it as cost-effective as possible With the cost of living crisis looming over our heads, we are finding that clients are choosing to invest in the homes they love, at a lesser cost than the stamp duty and other costs associated with moving, just to escape the noise levels that plague them.

Commercial and Domestic Soundproofing

Whether it is for the peace and quiet in your home, reducing loud noise in your office or meeting new building regulations, we have offer wall soundproofing, floor soundproofing and soundproofing solutions that are second to none in quality. We listen to what the customer needs and wants from a soundproofing project. We are able to provide full sound insulation with high-density wall panels for soundproofing installations in walls, floors and ceilings, all while still maintaining the beauty and aesthetics of your home or office designs with a minimum loss of room space.

With the expansion of London’s airports looming, we are working on packages to help unwanted noise pollution from aeroplanes in your home. Heathrow Quieter Homes Scheme has a useful PDF on how you might even help seek funding. We deal with manufacturers and suppliers that can offer the highest quality of soundproofing and acoustical treatment solutions available today in the UK.

We use a combination of methods:

  • Mass (Acoustic Plasterboards/dB Boards/Mass Loaded Vinyls/Soundproofing Panels)
  • Multi-Leaf construction (Multiple Layers of Acoustic Plasterboards)
  • Insulation Absorption (Acoustic Mineral Wool/Acoustic Matting/Acoustic Sealant)
  • Impact barriers (Isonic Hangers, Resilient Bars, Genie Clips)

Utilising any combination of these soundproofing solutions serve as exceptionally effective means of combating high noise levels, and can often serve as easy solutions to external loud noises on their own. Whether you’re seeking soundproofing solutions for your own home, such as providing some relief from audible airborne noises coming through the party wall, or you need to reduce the noise levels in your office space, we’re able to provide an easy solution with a wealth of distinct sound insulation options. By combining these methods we are able to drastically reduce airborne noise and impact sounds. (These methods are explained under Soundproofing Walls, Soundproofing Ceilings & Soundproofing Floors)

Soundproofing Ceilings RegulationsDue to the lack of space in our cities, there is a higher number of people that need to share the same space. Living in such close proximity can result in plenty of problems, such as audible noise levels invading from all angles, sound transmission carrying through party walls and even loud music blasting through the windows from outside. In 2003 new building regulations were introduced to make sure acoustic levels are monitored before completion of new builds or renovations, meaning that homes before this date are not soundproofed. Common headaches from homeowners are airborne noises or impact noises from neighbours upstairs, bass noise from downstairs or simply loud music next door. 

At NNM Soundproofing we use state of the art methods and materials to deal with all these issues. We really know our business and have soundproofing solutions for all your needs. If we don’t have an immediate answer for you, we have the resources to get you the answer as well as the products to get the job done right the first time.

NNM Soundproofing takes pride in the services and materials we supply to customers and will work closely with you to make certain that noise intrusion throughout your home is no longer a part of daily life. We have been focusing on delivering the very best in soundproofing London throughout our establishment and are proud to be your first choice for service.

We make it affordable to the homeowner and will suggest the best possible method for your house, flat, garage, office, outbuilding or new build.

Let our soundproofing expertise make the most of your budget. Contact the experts at NNM Soundproofing today to arrange for a free quotation.