Why more and more couples are soundproofing their rooms

In a world where privacy is becoming harder and harder to achieve, it is not surprising that more and more couples are deciding to soundproof their homes. Throughout the country apartment blocks and houses are on the rise, meaning we are now living in much closer proximity to each other. With more apartments comes more noise. It is easy to talk about why you should soundproof your home because of a noisy neighbour, but, what if you are the noisy neighbour? Unfortunately, in a lot of modern buildings, it is very easy to become noisy without knowing it thanks to thin floors and walls. As couples move into their new homes they understandably want to keep their privacy private and don’t want their neighbours to hear any noises they might be making. Some of the reasons for couples soundproofing may be a little obvious but some may surprise you, so here are some of the main reasons why this happens.

couple soundproof


Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room shall we, and talk about one of the main reasons why soundproofing is important; privacy in the bedroom. There is no need to be shy or reserved when it comes to this. Your bedroom is a place where you can share intimate moments with your partner and it should be kept that way, intimate and private. As a couple, you shouldn’t have to worry about the neighbours hearing you, so by making your bedroom soundproof you can let go of this worry and feel much more free. This, of course, works the other way too. Nobody wants to hear their neighbours through the walls having an intimate moment.  Despite how close you may be, hearing those kinds of noises can make things extremely awkward the next day. So whether you are the ones making the noises, or hearing the noises, this dilemma can be avoided very simply. Soundproofing your bedroom makes for a much more private and personal experience between you and your partner, making for a much happier environment for you and your neighbours.


Home Appliances

Many of your household items are guilty of causing unnecessarily loud noise. For example, washing machines and tumble dryers have a knack of sounding like something is about to explode inside. More modern versions of these are of course better, but for the large majority, this can be a real problem. Many of us would prefer to do our washing overnight so that we wake up to fresh, clean laundry. However, we shy away from this in case it keeps our neighbours awake. This doesn’t have to be the case, by simply soundproofing that particular room you haven’t got to worry about keeping anybody up.


Home Cinema

Thanks to the rise of streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, more and more of us are investing in home cinema systems for film nights in, instead of cinema nights out. To truly experience a film at home you need your speakers to be loud and the bass to be deep. There is nothing more annoying than having to keep turning down the ‘noisy parts’ of a film because of your neighbours. This not only takes away from your home cinema experience but is also a real pain. A soundproof home cinema room means you can fully emerge yourself without worrying about the neighbours complaining.


Private conversations

We don’t just mean the odd argument here and there, we mean general conversation too. In some buildings, the walls are that thin that you can actually hear other people’s full conversations. It shouldn’t matter if you have a naturally loud or bassy voice, that is your voice and you shouldn’t have to worry about talking quietly so your neighbours can’t hear you. Your conversations between you and your partner should be completely private, so to ensure this is the case many couples are utilising the soundproof equipment we offer and can now enjoy complete privacy.



A more obvious reason, we know, but it’s worth a mention because this is one of the main things that people will complain about. The majority of modern music has such a large emphasis on bass that it can’t help but to go through the walls and into your neighbour’s room. Similar to films, music is best enjoyed loudly and without restrictions. In order to do this, more and more people are now soundproofing a music room specifically to get the best sound out of their speakers. Whether it is for professional or recreational use a soundproof room means a life without noise complaints.

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