Noise pollution and other causes of office complaints

Noise pollution is one of the biggest gripes for office workers. This problem grows out of control in poorly designed, open plan offices, where a large number of colleagues sit in close proximity to each other.

Other, just as annoying issues can affect the performance of office workers though. According to research, productivity is lower in open plan settings where there’s literally no escape from team members.

To highlight some of the issues raised in this type of setting, we explore the most infuriating factors you might have to face if you work in an office for a living.

Do any of these items ring any bells?

Loud music

Most offices ban radios for obvious reasons, the sound can be disruptive to co-workers. In certain circumstances the use of headphones is acceptable, but this can also lead to issues with noise pollution. There will always be one person in the office that plays their headphones just a little too loud, much to annoyance of the people around them, and the chances are, their choice of music is really bad. If you sit next to the guy that loves to listen to thrash metal bands first thing in the morning, you have our sympathy at NNM Soundproofing.

Chatty co-worker

It’s nice to have a quick chat with the person that sits next to you at work. This breaks up the day, you get to know one another a little better, and it can relieve the pressure if you are feeling stressed at any point. It’s not so nice if your co-worker can’t stop chatting from nine in the morning until five at night. That’s annoying, it’s distracting, and you’ll want to move to another desk if you have to listen to their ramblings for much longer. Chatting is fine every now and again during office hours, it’s not so good if this causes disruption to other people in the firm.

Low temperature

Sitting at your desk shivering isn’t going to do much for your productivity levels. Cold offices are counter-productive. That lack of heat is going to affect your performance at some point. If the temperature is too low and your knees are knocking under your desk, the lack of heat in the office needs to be addressed.

High temperature

Having a cold office is one thing. Too much heat can also cause problems. This becomes apparent during the summer months as the temperature starts to rise, especially if there’s a lack of air conditioning or other cooling methods.  If the office is too hot this can also cause productivity issues.  Hot office settings are one of the biggest causes of worker discontent.

Food smells

Strong aromas can also cause friction between co-workers, especially when they involve scents emitted from food substances.  Micro meals are the biggest culprits. They leave a lingering smell when transported from the canteen area, this aroma can be unpleasant to fellow workers, and create tension if this happens on a regular basis. One-offs are acceptable. A daily dose of overpowering scents can be a little hard to swallow.

If office noise is the cause of friction at work let us assist you at NNM London Soundproofing. All you have to do is contact us for a quote.

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