Be aware of noise to become a good neighbour

Would you consider yourself to be a good neighbour? Getting along with the people next door will certainly make your life easier, the last thing you need is to upset your neighbours and turn them into your enemies.

Noise is one of the biggest causes for complaint amongst neighbouring properties. In most cases, the problem could easily be avoided simply by being a little more considerate about the effect your actions have on the people that live close by.

Be a good neighbour and think about the impact your noise levels have on the community, follow these actions to prevent a neighbourhood war.

Noise reduction tips:

Plan parties with care

There’s nothing wrong with hosting house parties or barbecues at your property, as long as you spare a thought for the neighbouring properties on either side of your home. Parties can get loud, so pre-warn your neighbours way in advance that you’ll be hosting a social occasion at home, and to get in their good books, why not give them an invite?

Notify neighbours of any building work

Home renovations wreak havoc around the house. Apart from the disruption, and creation of dust, they also produce a fair amount of noise, which can be annoying for neighbouring properties. If you plan to do extensive work at home, inform the people either of your home, and make them aware of the build-up of noise.

Turn the volume down a notch

Be respectful of neighbouring properties when you listen to music or watch TV and films. Sound travels through walls. Remember this if you have a television that directly backs onto dividing walls, turn the volume down, especially during the early morning or very late in the evening. You don’t have to struggle to hear TVs and radios, just be respectful of your neighbours.

Be reasonable with household chores

It might be convenient for you to vacuum the whole house at seven in the morning but this is unlikely to impress your neighbours. Try to carry out household chores at a reasonable time during the day, when you know people living in surrounding properties will either be up or out, to prevent any type of dispute. Carefully consider where you are going to position kitchen appliances such as washing machines or tumble dryers. Place them against party walls and the vibration or noise from the machines could be a nuisance to neighbouring properties.

Part of being a good neighbour is respecting the properties that surround your home and considering the level of noise you produce. We have a range of soundproofing solutions at NNM, and all you have to do is call us to arrange your free quotation.

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