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How noise can affect health and productivity

Sound is all around us. The TV in the background, the traffic driving past your office window – you can’t escape sound. But do you know that it can affect health and productivity?

We only ever do something about the noise that invades our lives when it’s blaringly loud. Something like a drill next door at 6am.

But the sounds we hear everyday can be damaging.

Sounds affect your work

The most popular type of office today is the open office style. Many think that they foster productivity, but in fact, they can damage it. Without walls or partitions a conversation on one side of the room can find its way to the other, providing a distraction for many along its way.

That isn’t the only problem.

Studies suggest that this noise can actually cause stress too. A worker’s epinephrine levels are higher in an open office, triggering a fight or flight response, thus causing stress.

Music can sometimes help. But only sometimes

To drown out these sounds workers will often stuff headphones into their ears and turn on Spotify. This doesn’t really help either. It really depends on the job you’re doing. For repetitive tasks, music will boost your productivity, but for more complex work (which is the work for many office dwellers) it can be detrimental.

Sound impacts multitasking abilities

Think you’re a pretty good multitasker? Then chances are, you’re working in a quiet working environment. The more noise there is the less chance you have of being able to get back to your previous job.

Sound affects ergonomics

One study found that in louder environments, people weren’t actually sitting at their desks correctly, which as you can guess, can be damaging in long term situations.

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