Our guide to dealing with noisy neighbours

Noisy neighbours can make life tough. You don’t want to be the neighbour who complains about every little, thing. But you aren’t getting sleep; it’s keeping the kids up, and affecting your work life.

So what can you do about those neighbours who like to play music at 3am?

Here’s our guide.

Step 1 – Your first move should be to attempt to solve the problem with your neighbour in a friendly way. Chances are, your neighbour doesn’t realise the problem that they’re causing, and will be considerate if you approach them about it yourself, without involving the authorities.

Step 2 – Unfortunately not all neighbours are understanding. If step one doesn’t work and the noise level has continued, your next move should be to try mediation. A local authority will be able to offer a free mediation service. It’ll mean a neutral party will visit and try and negotiate a peaceful solution.

Step 3 – If you have tried step one and two without results your next option is to contact the Environmental Health department of your local authority. They must, by law, deal with any noise that has become what is known as a ‘statutory nuisance’.

Step 4 – If your local authority for some reason decline intervening you can take your case to the Magistrate’s Court. You must have already taken action to resolve the issue privately before taking the matter to court.

If a neighbour has approached you about excessive noise, remember that it can seriously affect quality of life. Do what you can to lower the noise levels leaving your property. One excellent way to do this is to install sound proofing. Here at London Sound Proofing we have helped hundreds of client’s make their homes more soundproof, and in turn, keeping their neighbours happy!

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