How to make your office a more productive environment

Many businesses when trying to increase productivity look at the individual people within their employment. What training can you give or incentives can you offer to make them a more productive force?

But there’s one area that’s often overlooked by businesses, and it’s a vitally important one in improving productivity.

The office.

It’s the place your employees spend the most time, and it’s where they’re actually trying to get the work done. Improve the office, improve productivity.

But what work do you need to do to make the office a hub of productivity?

Sound control

The biggest distraction for many workers is noise. The hustle and bustle about the office, the phone’s ringing, whispered conversations – they can all put you off the task at hand. Rules should be enforced in relation to sound. For example, if colleagues want to catch up with each other on their lunch break, they have to do it in the canteen.

You should also consider taking other measures. Install sound-absorbing panels, put up acoustic screens in meeting rooms, utilise sound masking; create an environment where sound won’t leak across a room.

At London Sound Proofing we can help you design office acoustics that foster productivity rather than damage it.


No one is productive when uncomfortable, so do everything in your power to make employees comfortable at their desks. Don’t go for cheap office chairs that’ll hurt employee’s backs, and make sure they receive training on best posture and ergonomic equipment.


Your employees probably spend a long time on computers day in day out. You must make sure that the room has the correct lighting so employees don’t damage their eyes. Good lighting can generally improve mood too. The better mood they’re in, the more productive they’ll be!

Office arrangement

The arrangement of the furniture in your office will make a difference to productivity too. If there’s one team that are bound to use the photocopier more than others, don’t put that team five floors away from it.

Use common sense!

London Sound Proofing can help you soundproof your office environment, removing distraction.

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