What soundproofing can do for your home office

We’ve all been there – having to bring work home just so you can put the final pieces together and tie projects off. Whilst the idea of working at home can seem like a dream, there are also disadvantages to it. The main one being noise.

Family time is a treat for everyone, but why is it when you’re sitting at your desk in your home office that the noise volume around the house seems to right turn up?

As you sit there, you become immersed into an arena of sound, where you can hear the likes of:

  • Loud rock music coming from your teenager’s bedroom
  • The noise of pots and pans whilst dinner is getting ready
  • Incessant shouting at the TV because someone’s football team is losing
  • The loud vibrations of the washing machine
  • Neighbours with their TV on too loud
  • Your toddler playing a very loud game of Barbie or Action Man

And that’s only to name a few. The result of this bombardment of noise? An inevitable lack of concentration and productivity; two things you need when you want to get work done.

It’s a well-known fact that noise disrupts productivity, and not just when you’re working in the house either. All those office noises like phones ringing, constant typing on the keyboard and generally loud colleagues can have an effect on your concentration as well.

Get your home office soundproofed

By getting your home office professionally soundproofed, you can guarantee that you will get that work done without suffering a loss of concentration because of noise going on around you – no matter how loud your toddler is shouting.

Here at NNM Soundproofing, we provide quality soundproofing for ceiling, walls and floors to ensure you get the peace and quiet you need in your home office. It will protect you from distractions of noises going on all around you, and give you some privacy too. It’s a simple and relatively quick process that will prove its benefits immediately.

Having a soundproofed office can also benefit you should you ever decide to sell up too – but only if it’s a good job done. If you’d like to find out how we can help with soundproofing your home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Simply call us on 0800 0433319 or 0797503926, or email us at info@londonsoundproofing.co.uk for your free quote.

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