The best sounds to help you concentrate

Sometimes it’s hard to get your head down and focus, especially at work with everything going on around you – noisy colleagues, loud keyboards, phones ringing constantly. We can’t always have absolute silence, so we’ve put together some of the best sounds to help you concentrate. Just plug your earphones in and relax

Classical music

Listening to classical music has been proven to boost concentration and work productivity, as well as help memory. Music of the Baroque period is known to be the most beneficial in this way, plus is known to improve your mood, too – exactly what you need during a long day at work! So go on, stick on Classic FM or download some Bach or Pachelbel to your iPod…

White noise

White noise helps your concentration by cleverly blocking out other disturbing noises. How? Well, white noise is a combination of all the frequencies of sound that the human ear can hear, so by listening to it, any other noises will be drowned out. Listening to white noise at night is helpful as well; it blocks out any sound of noisy neighbours or outside traffic which is ideal for light sleepers.


Whilst watching a movie at the same time as trying to work isn’t the best idea, listening to the soundtrack can actually help. Movie soundtracks are designed to capture the attention of the audience, without detracting too much attention from the screens – this is how it can work to improve your concentration at work as well, sorting out any procrastination or motivational issues.

Video games

We’re not saying to whack out the Playstation or Xbox when you’re struggling to concentrate at work or at home, but there is some logic behind this… we promise. Designed with a similar purpose to a movie soundtrack, the music from video games has the same engaging yet not distracting effect. It increases the gamer’s concentration without them even realising the music is being played most of the time!


And finally, something a little less technical if you’re in the heart of the countryside, although if you’re not, don’t worry because there are a lot of apps out there for this: the sound of nature. Whether real or artificial, there’s something soothing about the sound of nature, isn’t there? That’s why it’s so good to listen to when you’re struggling to concentrate. Sounds like the rain or rustling leaves, for example, calms and de-stresses you, enhances your focus and improves your mood. Perfect.

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