The best sounds to fall asleep to

At NNM Soundproofing, we specialise in silence – that means getting blocking out the noise of those loud neighbours, your son’s drums or the television downstairs. But it’s not only total silence that gives you the best sleep


The noise of nature can certainly be a relaxing one. Even if you’re in a city apartment where hearing the sound of birds tweeting or trees in the breeze from your bedroom at night is a rarity, don’t worry – you can download songs or special apps to imitate them.

White noise

Believe it or not, the ultra high-pitched noise of white noise will help you fall asleep. Said to help cure insomnia, white noise combines all noise frequencies and can mask other sounds – impressive, right? But be warned if you are using headphones or have sensitive hearing!

No lyrics

When your mind is filled with thoughts and worries from the day you’ve just had – or for the day you’re about to – music can help. If you’re looking to relax and hit the pillow promptly, your best bet is to stick to music without any lyrics. Opt for slow-paced music and, if you can, put the music on a timed setting as non-stop music throughout the night may disrupt your sleep.


We’re not saying that you should hire a friend every night to chat away whilst you go to sleep because that doesn’t sound too relaxing, does it? Instead, we suggest that you download some meditation and mindfulness apps, mainly for the soothing voice they have but taking part in the meditation could be a bonus.


Of course, silence is a good bet for anyone looking to fall asleep ASAP – the only problem is that sometimes it’s just not possible. Whether you’re living with other people, flatmates or family, or you are unlucky enough to have noisy neighbours, their sleeping schedules and preferences can be different. If silence is golden to you, have a look into soundproofing your room to benefit your sleep.

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