5 soundproofing myths that you need to stop believing

There are a few myths and rumours about soundproofing that just aren’t true, and we think it’s better to call them out now before you start trying anything silly

Egg boxes

There’s no need to make eggs an ingredient in every single meal just so you can get the container to soundproof your room, because they just don’t work. Contrary to popular belief, egg boxes are a terrible choice if you’re looking to absorb or block sound – sound will just pass straight through it!


Before you start going with a nail and hammer to your wall and an old mattress, just think about what you’re doing and asking ‘why?’. Not only will they not help your soundproofing needs at all, but they will look horrible and become even worse over time.


Similar to the idea of mattresses on your walls, we ask you ‘why?’ – what kind of room has carpet on the walls? Both mattresses and carpets build up moisture over time, meaning that your walls would be mouldy and smelly within no time.

Black paint

The common misconception that black paint can absorb and block sound needs to stop, immediately. Don’t be fooled into thinking that slapping thick, dark paint on your bedroom walls means you’ll have utter silence at night – don’t waste your time and money!

Hay bales

It might sound silly, but hay bales do have some soundproofing qualities, however do you really want your room lined with dirty, smelling hay bales? Not to mention the fact that they’re severe fire hazards. Stay clear, and stick to proper soundproofing materials, we beg you.

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