Simple tips to deaden sound in your home

Whether you’re in an apartment or a house, renting or owning, there are simple ways to deaden sound that will block noise from neighbours, block noise from your apartment travelling to surrounding apartments or block noise from different areas of your home.


You can reduce the amount of noise that travels through your floorboards to the rooms below by simply adding floor coverings i.e. carpet or spot rugs. Soft materials absorb noise and the thicker your rug or carpet the more absorbent they are.

Spot rugs in hallways will reduce the noise of footsteps

This works on the same principles we use to deaden sound when applying soundproofing treatments. If you need a high level of floor soundproofing we can install material in the gap between the floor and the ceiling below. We then also lay down a triple barrier mat on top of the floor boards creating an effective sound barrier.


You don’t have to soundproof via the floorboards above. With professional ceiling soundproofing it’s possible to deaden sound from above yourself. This is useful if you don’t have access to the room above you e.g. in an apartment block.

You must be able to lose a small amount of ceiling height though. We offer a variety of options to suit any situation and any budget. The amount of ceiling height lost depends on the treatment you chose but ranges from 1 inch to 6 inches.

If you have particularly high ceilings you might suffer echoing. You can fix this yourself, reducing the amount that sound bounces around the room. Use material to lower the height of the ceiling. By hanging material as a sort of canopy you get rid of the cavernous space where sound gets lost.


Again there are home remedies to deadening sound through the walls. Like your floors you can use soft covering to absorb the sound. Tapestries were used in days gone by to keep warmth in but they also block sound. Choosing a modern wall covering could be the solution to blocking out noise from adjacent bedrooms.

However if wall hangings aren’t your thing heavy textured wall paper will go some way to reducing sound. Or place a large bookcase against the adjoining wall to create a barrier for sound.

Soundproofing walls professionally is done in much the same way as floors and ceilings, installing dense material in the cavity and applying an acoustic membrane to the exterior the wall too. We’ll work with you to achieve a high level of sound isolation for your home office, music room, bedroom or any other quiet area you want.

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