Five reasons to sound proof your home office

Anyone who works from home knows that there are a lot of potential distractions. And the biggest of those distractions is noise; the kids playing in the room next door, the teenager next door learning the drums, the TV upstairs – how are you ever going to get anything done with all that noise?

So you’re considering sound proofing your home office, but aren’t quite convinced.

Well here we’ve put together five reasons you should proof your home office.

Noise reduction – The first and most obvious reason we’ll look at it is noise reduction. Sound proofing means less noise pollution, which means a more productive day in the office!

Privacy – One advantage that’s often overlooked is that, while it stops sound from leaking in, it stops sound from leaking out too. This is perfect if you have private conversations with clients that must remain confidential. Plus, if you work late at night and play music, the kids won’t be kept up by you working away.

Tax-deductable – Because it’s a renovation to a home office, sound proofing could potentially be tax-deductable. Before you go ahead and soundproof the office because its tax deductable, go ahead and check with a professional to make sure that it is in fact, the case.

DIY or contract – Depending on the size and scale of your office you could even do the soundproofing yourself over the weekend. Change your door to a solid-core option; add weather stripping, by sound proofing pads to stick to the walls etc. If there’s a lot of noise leaking into your office though, you should look at hire a professional. Here at London Soundproofing we have years of experience helping people cut out noise pollution. To find out more get in touch with us today.

Resale – Should you decide to sell your property, a soundproofed home office is only going to add value to the home.

So there you go. Five reasons soundproofing your home office is a good idea that you really can’t ignore!

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