Neighbourly noises that infuriate you the most

Without sound insulation your home is vulnerable to neighbouring properties.  This runs two ways of course. Not only will you have to put up their noise, they’ll have to listen to the sounds you produce too, which can be slightly embarrassing for all parties concerned.

Think about this for a minute.

Could you be guilty or producing any of these noises, or do you listen to these sounds emitting from your next door neighbour’s home instead?

Crying Baby

Newborn babies have no concept of time. They don’t care if it’s 3am in the morning, when they get hungry they want feeding and the best way to notify you of this is to bawl as loudly as they can. This is bad enough for the parent who is already in zombie mode. It’s even worse for residents of neighbouring properties though. Without soundproofing they hear every scream and whimper, which isn’t brilliant if they have to get up at 6am for work.

Barking Dog

Yapping dogs are annoying. They bark for no reason and seem intent on making your life a misery. After an hour or so of non-stop woofing your mind will start to unravel. Neighbours’ dogs might be cute but they start to quickly lose their appeal if they can’t keep quiet when they’re left home alone for any length of time.

Alarm clocks on ‘repeat’

It’s 5am, you have the first lie in for what seems an eternity and you are woken up by the ‘beep, beep, beep’ of your neighbour’s alarm. It sounds like they are in the same room as you, even though they are actually snoozing in the next property. Pressing snooze is bad enough. If they continue to do this though, and fail to get up anytime soon, it can really test your patience.

Washing Machine on wobble mode

How loud is your washing machine when it goes through the spin cycle? Some appliances aren’t too bad, they quietly go about their business washing your clothes, and even the spin cycle doesn’t cause you too much discomfort.  However, older types of machines can be one of the loudest household noises. They thunder and shake, grumble then groan, and as the spin cycle reaches its peak, the incessant high-pitched whine is almost too much for your eardrums to take. Live in a neighbouring property where the person next door decides to wash their clothes overnight to save money on electricity and this can be too much to bear.

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