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Check These Amazing But Noisy World Records

Noise is a nuisance most of the time. Once it invades your privacy the need develops for effective soundproofing capabilities and this is where we can help at NNM with our noise reduction expertise.

From time to time noise can be useful though. It reverberates sound that leaves a lasting mark on mankind, creating world records in the process.

Just for fun we explore some of these noise-related feats. Here are genuine Guinness World Records that exist today that involve sound of some kind or another.

Record 1 – Largest Ground Vibration Caused by a Stereo

Even if you cranked the volume button on your stereo system up to max it’s unlikely it would create much of a vibration. It certainly wouldn’t be enough to set a new world record like the one set by 101 Eventos (Brazil) in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 28 September 2014 measuring 6.985 mm/s.  That’s a lot of rumble!

Record 2 – Most Motorcycle Horns Sounded Simultaneously

It’s rare to hear a solitary motorcycle horn sound, never mind 1,425 in one go! This was the record set for total number of motorbike horns sounded simultaneously by Yamaha Motor Philipines back on 7 June 2014. That’s quite a feat, but not surprising when you consider the Yamaha owners club has 85,000 members scattered around the globe.

Record 3 – Animal That Hears at the Highest Frequency

Dogs have great hearing but even their canine audible range seems feeble when compared to bats.  They might be small but bats have the best hearing out of all non-aquatic animals with a remarkable range in certain species of up 250 kHz. When you consider human hearing has a limit of around 20 kHz you begin to realise just how miraculous this is.

Record 4 – Most Claps In One Minute

Clap your hands repeatedly and how many times do you think your hands would connect in the space of a minute? If you managed anything over 1,020 you’d have just set a brand new world record. This feat was accomplished by Eli Bishop at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA on 5 May 2014 inside a soundproof recording studio.

See, noise isn’t always a nuisance as these records show. If you find that you are struggling to cope in noisy environments why not get in touch with us here at NNM and we’ll find ways to soundproof the situation.

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