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Top 5 Loudest Sounds In Everyday Life

Loud sounds are all around us in our everyday life, whether for enjoyment, safety, industry or in nature. At NNM Soundproofing we know how frustrating noise can be but take a second away from your peace and quiet to have a look at our pick of the top five loudest sounds. But be quick – more than fifteen minutes exposure to sounds above 100 dB can cause hearing loss!

# 5 – Ambulance

Reaching a record of 125 dB, ambulances are not to be missed on the roads. The siren allows these emergency services vehicles to navigate the roads safely and speedily in order to transport sick or injured people. Used as a warning signal to other motorists and pedestrians, an ambulance siren can be heard from quite a distance.


(via NEAS)

#4 – Fireworks

A celebration favourite, fireworks are not only pretty but loud too. Hitting between 145-150 dB, you might want to grab your earmuffs. Being around for centuries, the discovery of gunpowder and the invention of fireworks tends to be associated with China. Different types of fireworks create different noises from the loudest bang mimicking a gunshot sound, to crackling, humming, and whistling noises. To date, the largest firework celebration was the 2014 Dubai New Year. Wrap up for this year’s Bonfire/Guy Fawkes Night and New Year celebrations.


(via Telegraph)

#3 – NHRA Dragsters

Take to the racing arena to hear just how loud the NHRA Dragsters are, but stand back from the racetrack as the sound can seriously damage your hearing and sight. With highs of 155-160 dB, these track cars are not only speedy but very loud, tipping the humble ambulance. The National Hod Rod Association have never conducted a formal study of the noise levels but drag racing is thought to be the loudest sport; is it worth covering your ears for?


(via NHRA)

#2 – Space Shuttle Launch

It is fully enforced that everyone stand at least half a mile away from the launch of a space shuttle. The painful levels of 165-175 dB are more unusual compared to other loud noises due to the sound being constant. The force of a launch creates such a loud noise in order to gain the necessary thrust to lift the rocket from the ground.

 space shuttle


#1 – Blue Whale

A surprising winner, the blue whale is the loudest (and largest!) animal alive and considered one of the loudest noises. Its song peaks at 180-188 dB and can be heard for hundreds of miles underwater. They emit a series of highly structured, repetitive low-frequency rumbling sounds in order to communicate with one another and to find or attract mates.

blue whale

So there you have it, some of the loudest sounds on the planet. If you are suffering from noise pollution be it from loud neighbours or external noises, get in touch with us here at NNM Soundproofing today. Our professional installers based in London can help with both domestic environments and office space soundproofing.

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