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The Best Place for a Quiet Life: Living in Noisy London

The Best Place for a Quiet Life in London


The Best Place for a Quiet Life: Living in Noisy London


Quiet areas in London can be far and few between; peace & quiet can feel like a luxury in some of the capital’s busiest spots. Those who are willing to commute a little longer, seek some countryside relaxation or are simply looking for the best borough in which to raise a family should certainly consider the noise levels in the area they’re looking at.


Where are the quiet areas in London to live? Are there quiet places in North London? Which borough has everything my family needs? These are the kinds of questions that should be raised when looking through all  33 of the boroughs in the Greater London area.


Some may be surprised to hear of unexpected benefits from some of these boroughs, such as an almost paradoxical sense of calm that comes from one of the busiest boroughs in London or a seemingly impossible short journey from the outer boroughs into the inner city. 
Would these homes need soundproofing? Would offices require soundproofing if situated here? Probably not, unless they were the likes of music studios, but it’s always good to know where’s most peaceful in London. After a little bit of research, we here at London Soundproofing found some fairly ideal spots in Greater London for some silent nights in superb suburbs.





For all the information above in our interactive map of London, look below to see the pros of living in the quietest burrows in Greater London.


Quietest Areas in London Sutton London Soundproofing




  • <55 average Decibels; often peacefully quiet
  • Plenty of good schools, such as Sutton Grammar School
  • Awash with natural beauty, such as tree-lined streets and beloved lavender fields
  • Plenty of cycle paths & parks, perfect for those who love the outdoors
  • Close to the highly accommodating St Helier Hospital


Sutton, like a lot of South London, appears to be one of the quietest areas in London. Eco-conscious families looking to enjoy nature, healthy living and good education seem to be well within reach in Sutton, not to mention peace & quiet thanks to some of the lowest average levels of general decibels in the entirety of Greater London.


Quietest Areas in London Tower Hamlets London Soundproofing


Tower Hamlets:


  • <55 average Decibels; often peacefully quiet
  • Lots of delightful markets, such as Brick Lane Market and Roman Road Market
  • Glorious parks & gardens, such as Victoria Park
  • Very child-friendly: Lots of cafes that offer plenty for both parents and kids
  • Unique and hidden gems, like Wilton’s Music Hall


Surprisingly quiet due to its close proximity to London City Airport, Tower Hamlets has a lot going for it; as well as being a quiet area to live in London. Tower Hamlets also offers plenty for new families, providing a lot of spots for both parents and young children to enjoy.


Quietest Areas in London Bromley London Soundproofing




  • 55-60 average Decibels; often quiet
  • Lots of ‘outstanding’ rated Ofsted schools, such as Highfield Primary School and Harris Primary Academy Shortlands
  • Two large town centre parks, including the rosebed, lake and rockery filled Church House Gardens
  • Plenty of leisure spots, such as the Vue multiplex cinema and the Pavilion Leisure Centre
  • Features The Glades; a large shopping centre


Another example of how South London offers some of the quietest places to live in London, Bromley is often considered a wonderful spot for schools but it’s also less inclined to suffer from the likes of commuting via car; ergo the lower average of decibels.


Quietest Areas in London Croydon London Soundproofing




  • 55-60 average Decibels; often quiet
  • Quickly becoming a hot spot for innovative tech businesses
  • Plenty of easy commute possibilities for Central London
  • A new spot for great restaurants and fine dining opportunities
  • An up-and-coming borough, both for business and home values


Croydon is often considered a vibrant & fun place to live, perhaps making it one of the best quiet areas in London for couples. It’s also a very up-and-coming spot for an array of reasons, making it brilliant for any kind of family; but there isn’t any kind of family out there who wouldn’t savour the silence from this borough.


Quietest Areas in London Ealing London Soundproofing




  • 55-60 average Decibels; often quiet
  • From December 2019 will only have a 15 commute time into Central London
  • Boasts several private & state schools rated as either ‘good’ or better by Ofsted.
  • A superb borough for summer festivals, including the Ealing Comedy Festival and the Ealing Beer Festival
  • Features a delightful park in the town centre, known as Walpole Park


Perhaps the quietest area in West London, Ealing is one of those spots that can certainly be quiet but businesses and homes might actually want to consider soundproofing their office or soundproofing their houses. This is because of the various festivals that often take place here in Ealing; great for a good time, not so great for a busy office.


Quietest Areas in London Kingston London Soundproofing




  • 55-60 average Decibels; often quiet
  • Boasts several state schools and higher-education colleges rated as either ‘good’ or better by Ofsted.
  • Large variety of different restaurants, coffee shops and shops; rated London’s third-best area for diversity in stores
  • A wealth of Victorian houses, with plenty of two to six-bedroom homes
  • Huge open spaces, with plans to build a charming boardwalk for the riverside 


The final quiet spot in South London on this list, Kingston (aka Kingston-upon-Thames) enjoys all the tranquillity of being riverside and awash with national history. This relaxed demeanour appears to be integral in this borough’s personality, which might explain how it’s one of the quietest areas to live in London.


Quietest Areas in London Southwark London Soundproofing




  • 55-60 average Decibels; often quiet
  • A huge variety of schools, including independent and private and ranging from primary school to college
  • An exceptionally green borough, with approximately 130 open spaces and parks
  • Contains two of London’s finest food markets, with an array of high street favourites and famed eateries
  • Features plenty of key transport hubs, such as London Bridge


Much like Tower Hamlets, Southwark may be a surprisingly silent spot in London; especially as it’s so close to the city centre. One of the contributing factors to making it a quiet area to live in London is the abundance of open areas and parks; with over 130 of them in the borough.


Quietest Areas in London Waltham Forest London Soundproofing


Waltham Forest:


  • 55-60 average Decibels; often quiet
  • Recently adopted a much more cycle path friendly mindset
  • Lush with greenery and open spaces, such as Epping Forest and Walthamstow Marshes
  • A local-minded community, awash with small, local businesses
  • Offers a diverse array of recreational options, such as frequent ‘yoga in the park’ sessions and vibrant mini golf courses


Quiet areas in North London are hard to find, yet Waltham Forest is one of those rare spots. Much like Southwark, the wealth of open areas makes this a quiet area to live in London. That, and recent decision to promote cycling in lieu of driving, which is specially designed to encourage children to cycle. This is another reason that Waltham Forest is a great, quiet place for families to live in London


Of course, there are a host of reasons to choose a specific borough in Greater London to live, whether you’re moving solo, living with a partner or finding somewhere new for your family. It goes without saying that some areas might need some soundproofing to make them just as quiet as these areas, but those looking for something akin to silence could do a lot worse than these boroughs.


Do you live in any of these areas? Does the silence act as one of the best benefits of the area? Tell us about how you find life living and working in London in the comments below, and be sure to keep up with the rest of our news and articles!

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