How to deaden sound in your office

A noisy office can quickly kill productivity and cause stress amongst your team. And no matter how many rules you put in place, there’s always going to be noise in your office.

So you need to look at ways to deaden that sound, and here we’re going to look four ways to do it.

Wall panels – Panels are often the most popular solution when it comes to sound proofing. Usually affordable and easy to install, they’re effective for anyone looking to kill the noise leaking out of a room next door.

They don’t just have to be installed on walls either. If they’re put to the backs of furniture, they work just as effectively.

Acoustic glass – The problem with many soundproofing solutions is that they aren’t particularly attractive. They turn a stylish office into an ugly one. Acoustic glass may be the best option if aesthetics are important.

If your office is open plan then you can divide spaces up using the glass. They’ll help keep your office light and act as excellent sound repellents.

Acoustic screens – Open plan offices leave room for a whole host of distracting noises for workers. A conversation on the other side of the room, chewing across from you – with acoustic screens you can divide certain areas of the office or desks. Perfect if there are different levels of volume throughout the room.

Acoustic ceiling – Those bog-standard tiles in the ceiling of your office? Switch them out for acoustic tiles to act as sound absorbers in the office.

Bring in a pro – If you’re still having trouble maintaining sound in the office bring in sound proofing experts like ourselves. We can assess the situation and offer the best solution to keep noise levels from becoming a distraction.

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