1. The price quoted will be maintained for acceptance within 1 month, unless otherwise stated.
    2. If a total value of installation does not exceed £950.00 then a minimum charge will be applied.
      £950.00 inc VAT

    1. A booking deposit is required when placing an order to secure the installation dates, by paying this deposit it is assumed the client has read these conditions and agrees to them.


    1. Cancellation: In the unlikely event of cancelation or postponing of works by the Client. Refund of the deposit will be the percentage of the booking deposit as set out below:
      1. 31-35 calendar days before work commence 100% Refund
      2. 30 calendar days before work commence: 95% refund
      3. 20-29 calendar days before work commence: 75% refund
      4. 10-19 calendar days before work commence: 50% refund
    2. 0-9  calendar days before work commence: 0% refund


    1. Payment of balance of account should be settled no later than 1 working day after completion of the soundproofing works, as quoted.


    1. Goods and services remain the property of NMN Soundproofing Ltd until paid for in full.


    1. The nature of sound and the way in which we hear is a subjective matter, and will differ from person to person, it should also be noted that the structure of the property may also affect the way in which sound travels. NMN Soundproofing Ltd cannot guarantee any sound reductions and the figures quoted are for information purposes only, whilst we would expect these results based on our previous experience, they are not guaranteed. A sound test and site evaluation carried out by an independent acoustic tester, using the correct sound testing equipment, will provide an impartial report about the current site, noise sources and how best to reduce them. However these tests will need to be carried out before and after the soundproofing. NMN Soundproofing Ltd can arrange such test at cost. Typically £450+VAT per test.


    1. We are happy to offer a 2 year structural guarantee on all works from the date of installation, this is non transferable and only applicable to the purchasing client.


    1. Unless under floor pipes and wiring comply with by-laws no responsibility can be accepted for damage.


    1. All areas must be completely empty of furniture unless otherwise agreed with NMN Soundproofing Ltd.
      NMN Soundproofing will take all reasonable measures to protect any items left in the room, but accept no responsibility for damage should it occur.


    1. Whilst working in your property, we take care not to cause damage to walls/ceilings/floors/skirting boards and other painted areas. In the rare instance that minor damage does occur, we are unable to accept responsibility for making good or the costs incurred as a result.


    1. The company will in no way whatsoever accept liability or responsible for any verbal statements made by a representative or any employee of the company which are contradictory to the terms of this agreement.


    1. We draw your attention to the difficulty of producing an exact match of system thickness compared to the figures quoted. We regret that orders are accepted on the understanding that the nearest obtainable match to quoted figures is provided. Naturally every effort will be made to supply as satisfactory a match as possible.


    1. No responsibility can be accepted by the company for damage caused to customers’ property and possessions if our employees are required to move anything.


    1. NMN Soundproofing specialises in soundproofing alone, and we do not offer the service of carpet fitting. We may refit as best we can, but it may be advisable to have a specialist carpet fitters come to refit the carpets after the work has been completed.


    1. Whilst the utmost care is taken when lifting floorboards, it is possible that floorboards may become damaged during the works. We will always repair the floorboards as best as possible before resorting to a replacement floorboard, as this will alter the aesthetics of the room considerably. In order to keep soundproofing to a maximum we use screws rather than nails to secure the floorboards, this will alter the final look of the floor after the works. Regardless of system, we would recommend that the floor be sanded and varnished after any works where the exposed floorboard is the final layer.


    1. NMN Soundproofing Ltd will protect carpets/floors as we see fit. Should items not be removed from the room as previously stated, we will hold no responsibility for damage or dust. We will always attempt to clean as much as possible however it is not unusual for dust to reach the remotest parts of the property; we will take precautions to minimise this nuisance where practical within the immediate area of our work but we respectfully suggest that you should also take precautions to protect furniture and the like in the rooms and elsewhere in the property.


    Thank you for your understanding on these matters.