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Our Acoustic Membrane Protects You!

Thinking about installing a soundproof floor? There are so many different floor soundproofing products on the market that it can become confusing for the average person who isn’t an expert on engineered floors. Not wanting to replace your whole floor but searching for an effective way of soundproofing your home? Here at London SoundProofing, we offer cost-effective soundproofing solutions targeted to each client’s needs. 

So what is an acoustic membrane? Put simply, an acoustic membrane is a mass-loaded vinyl that helps to reduce noise transfer by adding mass and density. The acoustic membrane doesn’t just rely on its size to stop sound – for this reason, it’s essential to use it in tandem with some other options for any serious soundproofing project.

Most of our clients who have decided on getting acoustic membrane flooring often have a period property (A Building built in a specific time period that is of a different style to the more modern structures we see being built today). Many people who are refurbishing or soundproofing an older building often want to keep the flooring. This solution is one of the best ways of retaining the old style flooring in a cost-effective way.

Membrane & Wool Floor View

How effective is Acoustic Mineral Wool/Membrane flooring?

If you’re looking to soundproof anything, you must first understand how sound is broken down.

Sounds can be split into two categories: airborne noise and impact noise. Airborne is defined as sound which travels through the air and atmosphere;  a good example of airborne sounds would be the sound of people talking. Impact sound is the noise made by the physical impact of one thing against another. An example of impact noise would be someone slamming a door or banging on a wall. Impact noise happens when both parts of the impact vibrate and generate sound waves.

When discussing Acoustic mineral wool and membrane flooring it’s vital to understand that this soundproofing solution is much more effective against airborne noise. Therefore if you live next to a train track you might find this service isn’t suited to your property. 

Please give our team a call on 07975 503926 if you are unsure whether you need to protect your property from both categories of noise pollution and they will point you to the best option!

100mm acoustic mineral wool

Acoustic mineral wool insulation is basically soundproofing insulation that is made with rock or stone wool –  soundproofing materials that do a fantastic job of absorbing both sound and heat in the floor, the roof or the wall.

100mm is the thickest section of acoustic mineral fleece accessible and is best utilized as stud wall protection, between ground surface joists or deck systems to prevent cavities from amplifying any polluting sound. 

Acoustic Mineral Wool and Membrane +/-1mm or
5db 18db

*This is an estimated reduction. The result will depend on the existing structure.

Sound insulation by NNM Soundproofing

When it comes to floor soundproofing, it’s always best to bring in the experts. At NNM Soundproofing, we can work with any kind of floor –  from specially engineered wood floors to concrete floors. You can rest easy knowing that all the details have been taken care of – even interaction with local authorities to finalise building regulations. 

Soundproofing floors is our bread and butter – we’ll be able to help you come to a solution that’s perfect for you, whether it’s airborne sounds or impact sounds that are affecting your peace and quiet; they’ll take care of it.

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  • What is the best flooring for soundproofing?

    A modern floor construction that passed building E Regulations would generally be the best type of floor to reduce the transfer of both airborne and impact sounds. This is mainly due to its density and ability to fill cavities, leaving little to no room for sound transfer.

  • How can I soundproof my floor in a cost-effective way?

    Generally speaking, the most cost-effective way to reduce sounds disturbing your peace through the floor would be installing mineral wool insulation in the cavities of the floor, as this is one of the most affordable materials used.

    To get the best price for your floor, get in touch with our experts for a quote.

  • What is the best acoustic underlay for laminate flooring?

    The best type of acoustic underlay for a laminate floor would likely be a combination of 100mm acoustic mineral cavity insulation along with the layer of Triple Barrier Mats to minimise the transfer of energy.

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