4 Tips For Coping At Christmas When You Suffer From Hearing Loss

The holidays can be a particularly tricky time for those suffering with hearing loss. With large family gatherings and parties, challenging listening situations can arise. Although it is great to catch up with friends and family, loud music and conversation can cause problems but here at NNM London Soundproofing we have four tips on how to cope at Christmas.

Choose your seat

Whether you are at a formal event or within a home environment, part of it may include sitting down. For a sit-down dinner, pick a seat in the most central point of the table. Choose a spot near to a relative or friend you are particularly close with so that you can have a better chance of engaging in conversation. Likewise, in informal seating arrangements, choose a central seat in order to have a better chance of hearing conversation.


Buddy up

Find a friend or relative to spend the majority of the party with. Having someone to help lead or prompt conversation can be really beneficial to understanding what is being said. When there is someone by your side it will also make you feel more included in the conversation. Don’t be afraid to ask people to repeat what has been said if you don’t understand.



Drink sensibly

Although alcohol can help with party nerves, it can also numb certain senses in the body. Indulging in too much wine or other alcoholic beverages might result in you becoming more dazed and confused within the party environment. Alcohol can have an effect on your level of understanding so monitoring your intake and drinking sensibly should prevent your hearing abilities from worsening.


Go to a quiet corner

Thinking about where to stand at a party can help with your hearing. Standing away from loudspeakers or noisy bustling spaces, such as kitchens, is a good idea. Position yourself in the quietest area of the room. This way you’ll be able to hear the conversation around you, rather than the noise drowning it out. There will always be people to talk to and people move about the room, so you can stay in one spot if necessary.

Avoid the noise of loud parties this Christmas and New Year by getting in touch with us here at NNM London Soundproofing. We put your privacy and peace at the forefront of our goals, to make sure you can have some quality quiet time.

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